If you are new and unfamiliar with betta fish, you are probably wondering about the difference between imported bettas and pet store bettas and which between the two is better choice. Today, you will find out some of the important facts about imported bettas and that of plain, pet store bettas.


What Are Your Choices for Buying a Betta?


Basically, you have three options in purchasing bettas. You can buy them from a breeder, from a pet store, or online. Whatever your choice for buying a betta, here are some important points that will help you consider your options. This will also let you find out what makes imported bettas a better choice than those from pet stores.


Pet Store Bettas


Those who are new to bettas and are looking for a new, interesting pet, the first place for you to go is likely the pet stores. Pet stores and pet departments that often offer bettas keep them in tiny, plastic cups. It is obvious that plastic cups are not the best containers for bettas. At the same time, you can likely expect that the bettas on those containers are sick, weak, and dying.


If you can forget the fact that some pet stores view their pets as commodities rather than a living creature, you can occasionally find a decent stock of bettas. These are either a new shipment you simply chance upon or the pet store you have gone to actually care for their fish.  Most often, the betta you will find in pet stores are Veiltail.


You may find odd doubletailed veiltail but the most are the singletailed variety. The Veiltail bettas come in wide range of colours, including green, blue, red, bicolour, pastel, Cambodian, grizzled, butterfly or marbled patterns. Pet stores occasionally carry crowntails and HMs but this variety are more expensive and get snapped pretty fast.


Imported Bettas (from Breeder or through Online)


Buying from a breeder is a great way to obtain a good quality betta but the best way would be buying online. When you buy online, you can find imported bettas that are the highest quality purebred that would be perfect if you are interested in breeding bettas as well. Using the internet, buying online is you best option to get bettas faster than ever before.


However, there are also possibilities of you meeting sellers with shady business ethics and reputations. With that, it is important that you take the time to shop around and ask questions. If you know some people with bettas, it does not hurt to ask them where they bought theirs. Most online sellers have imported bettas and these are often healthier with a better variety.


When you shop around, ask the sellers where they got their bettas and if they are willing to answer, take that as a good sign. Some of the sellers today have only been in the betta hobby for a year or two. On that note, it is best to look for an online betta seller who has considerable experience in breeding and selling bettas to be sure.


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