3-5 Indian Almond Leaves

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3-5 Indian Almond Leaves

3-5 Indian Almond Leaves

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Fights Bacteria and Fungal Diseases
Betta breeders use Indian Almond leaves to help limit the fungi on the water that can cause the betta eggs to spoil. In addition, these leaves have antibacterial properties that minimize odds of bacterial infection and improves Betta Fish health.

Natural Environment Benefits for Betta Fish
In addition to their antifungal and antibacterial properties, breeders use Indian Almond Leaves in their tanks to mimic a more natural environment for their Betta Fish.

Encourage Breeding Conditions
Indian Almond Leaves stimulate breeding conditions and can even help harden the scales of the fish. Thus helping to minimize the presence of skin diseases pathogens that resulted from bacterial infections.

Releases Tannic Acids to Lower pH Levels
Indian Almond leaves have huge amounts of tannic acids. With tannic acids, the pH level of the water on your tank will significantly lower, based on the leaves’ hardness levels.

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