Customer satisfaction is always our top priority

DOA: ALL purchases guarantee live arrival. Claims must be submitted within an hour of receipt if shipped directly to you or by end of the day if picked up from a Fedex office the day if was available for pickup.


To submit a claim we require a photo or video of fish inside their original bag unopened. Upon receipt of photo or video proof, we will refund you for the cost of the Betta (Not including shipping costs)


PREORDERS: Preorders are non-refundable unless Bettas & Art is at fault. Examples: Betta was not received or DOA while in transit. Betta looks different than pictured ( tail biting done during transit from Thailand to our location, different coloration, sick, or undesirable traits, etc…) Keep in mind we are ordering these Bettas for you exclusively and no-one else. We understand unexpected events may occur, in those cases, we will provide store credit equal to the amount received.


For all other items, excluding live animals, we have a 30 day money back return policy. Items must be in new and original packaging for a full refund. Shipping charges for returns will be the responsibility of the customer, unless an error was made by Bettas & Art. Refunds will be processed within 2 days of receipt of merchandise and following inspection of return items.

A couple things to remember:

  • For the safety of our Bettas, returns of live animals is not allowed.
  • Shipping costs are non-refundable.
  • Bettas may arrive stressed, pale, scared, and sluggish. As they settle into their new homes, their colors will come back and they will become more active.
  • During extreme weather conditions, customers are required to pick orders containing live animals in person from their closest Fedex location. Make sure to  have a valid government ID that matches the name of the recipient in your order. Bettas & Art won’t be held responsible if you are unable to pick your orders due to not having appropriate documentation, using aliases instead of government names, away for vacation, etc.
  • Order cancellations containing live animals, must be received two days before your shipment is scheduled for shipment.
  • Do not report a DOA when you have failed to acclimate your Betta properly or after it has been removed from its original bag.
  • We are not responsible for any tail biting that occurs during transit from our location to yours due to stress, Bettas that won’t eat or breed for you, attack their partner or tank mates, or generally fail to thrive in your environment after received.
  • For any issues concerning  your order, please contact us within 24hrs after receiving not days, weeks, or months later.