Our next Shipment from Indonesia and Thailand will be here next week 🤗 #bettafish #bettafishforsale
Next week only: There won't be any USPS shipping services available. First Class and Priority will ship the week after. USPS Priority Express will be converted automatically for free to Fedex Express. We apologize for any inconvenience caused #bettafishforsale
Shipments from Indonesia and Thailand are on the way!
We are waiting on our shipment of preorders to be confirmed by airline, we will keep you all updated. Thank you. #bettafishforsale #bettafish
We are closed between May 5th - May 8th. For questions or issues you can reach us here or by email to and we will reply back as time permits - For orders and pricing, please visit…
New shipment of Imported Bettas will arrive to our location in the next couple days! Please be patient as we start sorting through your orders 😊 #Bettafish #bettafishforsale
New Betta Fish Care Guide can be found here: #bettafishforsale #bettafishcare #bettafish
Our returns and refund policy has been updated. You can find the updated version here #bettafishforsale #bettafish
We are receiving a shipment of Bettas in the next couple days and fulfilling orders ASAP! Thank you so much for your patience and support through all the chaos caused by COVID-19
Due to international flight restrictions and cancellations, our shipment of new Bettas was cancelled. No further imports will be received until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience and will update you as soon as we find out more #bettafish
We hope everybody has been staying healthy and in good company. During these critical times, we have updated our terms of service to provide more flexibility to those that have been impacted one way or another by…
There was some miscommunication between us and a couple of our vendors from Thailand that caused a delay in fulfilling some orders. Most preorders will be in our next upcoming shipment. We apologize for any delay and feel free to contact us with any questions #bettafish
Preorders arrived today! All are acclimating and recovering from their long trips. We will start fulfilling orders as soon as next week #bettafish
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We are still monitoring weather conditions. For updates on your orders, feel free to message us at anytime #bettafish
Next shipment to Canada Jan 18 Next shipment to USA Jan 25
#bettafish #bettasandart
Preorders arrive this Wednesday! And new Bettas will be available in the next couple days. We have been selling extremely fast so our apologies we don’t have much in stock at the moment and as always thank you for your support 🖤 #bettafish
USPS and FedEx are closed next Wednesday. We will only be able to ship orders containing live fish if shipped using FedEx Overnight. All others will ship the week after. Please contact us if you wish to upgrade shipping to FedEx Overnight #bettafishforsale
We’ve been experiencing major delays with some orders shipped via USPS Priority. 5+ Days. Please consider upgrading to FedEx if you haven’t yet, specially if you live in a cold state! #bettafishforsale
Preorders can now be found under Male or Female sections of our website. We are so excited for what’s to come 👏