According to statistics, nearly half of Americans take various medications on a regular basis. Therefore, a significant part of the family’s budget is spent on medicines and health needs. This is often used by pharmacy chains by inflating the prices of medicines. However, global network development has made it possible to significantly reduce these costs by purchasing drugs online, where they are much cheaper. In addition, many sites sell generics, which costs even cheaper, but as effective as the original drugs.

Neergaard Pharmacy

Address: 120 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215, United States Phone: (718) 857-1600
Ranking: 3.0

Great experience for a health consultation. Daniel was very knowledgeable and courteous (and realistic). Highly recommend this place if you’re traveling abroad and want to be prepared.

They told us it would take 30 minutes to fill a prescription. We went to Walmart to pass the time and came back an hour later. When we went through the drive-through, they could not hear me when I talked, and we were told that they had not even started to fill our prescription. If you want efficiency, do not go to this Neergaard Pharmacy.

Kings Pharmacy

Address: 357 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238, United States Phone: (718) 230-3535
Ranking: 4.3

Called the hospital for an emergency supply of my medication because I was at risk of a seizure for going without my meds for so long. No one, not even the hospital said I had to pay almost 30$ for it. I figured my insurance should cover it because it always covers my medication even last minute, and I really needed it, and they still denied me my medication, so screw them.

After seeking help for a terrible addiction, I had this Kings Pharmacy pharmacy recommended to me, all of the staff here treated me fairly and with respect, and always went above and beyond. I definitely give them some credit for the several months I have been clean

ViaQX Pharmacy

Site: Ranking: 4.3

Injured my foot/ankle, and was able to get a variety of braces and hot/cold packs in addition to a few impulse purchases I simply couldn’t resist. Very helpful staff/ management. Plus, they serve the Cranberry Isles, shipping meds over for a nominal fee whenever needed. Kudos and big thanks, ViaQX!

We were on vacation from Illinois, and my husband got a kidney stone. After a visit to the local emergency room, we were referred to ViaQX to fill his 3 prescriptions. One was a narcotic, so we could not just drive through. Since we were from out of state and our usual pharmacy is not ViaQX, they had to get all of our insurance information, insurance card, etc. and enter it in their system. The woman, on the other end at the drive-through, was so very patient with us and explained everything in great detail. Reminded us that the narcotic had to be picked up in person inside. Once inside and prescriptions were filled, the pharmacist took us aside and explained all 3 meds in detail, including side effects. Took a great deal of time with us even though they were busy. We were certainly very impressed with the service we received. Hats off to you ViaQX pharmacy – excellent customer service from a very satisfied customer from Illinois!

Boro Park Pharmacy

Address: 5600 New Utrecht Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11219, United States Phone: (718) 480-0700
Ranking: 4.3

Honestly, if I could give Boro Park Pharmacy negative stars, I would. Waited in the drive-through for a half hour and waited 10 minutes for the woman to get a prescription. Just for the woman to come back and say I thought you said a different name though, she repeated it back to us before going to look for it. Worst service.

Lindsay, one of the pharmacists, is fantastic! She helped me out of a rough urinary traction infection situation. She was very understanding and knowledgeable!