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To preorder Bettas below, please email with a screenshot or the number associated with the Betta you would like to order. We will check availability and pricing before an order is placed.


PLEASE READ: You will receive the same Bettas displayed in the photos or videos, but due to marbling genes, there may be color and pattern changes when they arrive. Bettas containing these genes will change colors throughout their lifetime.

Mixed Collection

$65 – $85 each

Click on the images to play videos or enlarge photos

Wild / Gold Collection

$65 – $85 each

Click on the images to play videos or enlarge photos

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Photos are of the exact Betta you will receive

Local Pickup Available from Brooklyn, NY

Bettas are inspected and quarantined upon arrival

Shipping available to all states in the USA including Hawaii and provinces in Canada.

Live on Arrival Fish Guarantee

Excellent customer support and prompt responses to your questions

We aim to be the first place to come to mind when looking for quality imported Bettas and fighting fish supplies. 


Count on us to deliver only the best service and highest quality products.


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