How To Setup a Betta Sorority



There is no doubt that a lot of people love betta fish. Bettas are fun to watch, full of personality and flashy. The only problem with Betta fish is that you can’t keep two or more male Bettas in one same tank. Fortunately, female betta fish can be kept together successfully by starting a Betta Sorority. Here, you will learn and know the step by step procedure on how to setup a sorority of bettas successfully.

Step 1: Get a 10 Gallon Tank

Some people say that a 10 gallon tank is a bit small for a female betta sorority but there are also some people online who disagree with this. As a matter of fact, a 10 gallon tank is the minimum that most experts recommend when setting up a sorority of bettas. This has an enough space to accommodate 5 female bettas peacefully. Anything that is less than a 10 gallon wouldn’t allow enough space for 5 female bettas to establish their own terrains. 

Step 2: Set up a Vigorous Environment

When you add 5 female bettas in a tank to form a Betta Sorority , it is highly recommended that you have a perfect tank conditions. You need to understand that it would be a stressful thing for female bettas to live in a close proximity with one another. Make sure to put heaters and filters since these could greatly help the female bettas to have a healthy territory. Apart from this, don’t forget to let the tank run at least a week before you put the bettas inside it. 

Step 3: Provide lots of Hiding Places

Since female bettas are extremely territorial, it is important to give them with lots of hiding place at all levels of the tank. It is also best to put 2-3 tall plant that reach all the way up to the tank’s waterline. Tall plants offer maximum exposure for bullied bettas and at the same time it discourages chasing. 

Step 4: Choose your Bettas

You can visit our online store at Bettas & Art  or email us at for recommendations. Our female Bettas are kept next to each other in isolated containers so they can familiar with one another. When picking Bettas, it is highly important to consider the breed, health, and size. All of this, we can do for you as getting healthy Bettas with similar size can avoid bullying advantage.

Step 5: Introduce the bettas to their new home

When introducing female Bettas to their new home, you can expect to spend a full day monitoring them. Don’t wait too long between the introductions of every betta fish. Don’t give them enough time in-between to set up their own terrain. 

Follow the steps mentioned above and rest assured that you can successfully setup a sorority of Bettas.