Welcome to Bettas and Art, the leading website offering the highest quality, unique, and beautiful Bettas. At Bettas and Art, we aim to be the first place to come to your mind when looking for top-of-the-line Betta Fish and accessories not found anywhere else.


Our Bettas are imported from Thailand and Indonesia and carefully selected from hundreds of photos before they even hit the market. Years of commitment to the Betta community and long-lasting partnerships with breeders from Thailand and Indonesia have made this possible.


You can rely on Bettas and Arts to deliver your orders with the utmost care. We guarantee quality and healthy live fish safely transported at your every purchase. If the fish you have received is dead upon arrival, rest assured that we will replace or refund your order according to our Returns and Refund Policy.


Our partners strive for the same quality as we do by choosing and breeding only the best, and we are very grateful. We at Bettas and Art deliver only the best service and highest quality products for you and all other Betta breeders, and customer satisfaction is always our highest priority.

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